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Since our inception in 1987, we have had the privilege to serve hundreds of organizational leaders and management teams in diverse industries across The U.S and Europe.  These people work in a wide array of industries; manufacturing, financial service, agriculture, education & government to name a few.


The PMP Professionals are former executives and owners of business, who have personally been accountable for producing results; entrepreneurs, and have lead and managed organizations successfully.  PMP’s unyielding commitment to ideals and principles is the source of power.  Pragmatism and the insistence on creating quantifiable “real-world” results assure value for PMP client-partners. 


PMP Health, a division of PMP founded in 2006, specializes in the behavioral health and human services market and has been employed by some of the most innovative organizations; both large and small, across the Nation. 

PMP has been instrumental in the development of the Integrated Care Learning Community for The National Council of Community Behavioral Healthcare and is a provider of change management services for the Michigan Integrated Health Learning Community.

PMP is a team of Leadership Coaches who have committed their lives to transforming organizations through personal growth.
"The PMP Management Team"
Brad Zimmerman, Managing Director, PMP Health

“My Personal Life Vision is that the institutions and organizations of our world be used as vehicles for people to pursue their dreams and experience personal growth.”

Brad specializes in the behavioral health market and has been employed by some of the most innovative organizations in Michigan and Nationally.  Brad has been instrumental in the development of the National Councils’ Integrated Care Learning Community and is a provider of change management services in the newly formed Michigan Integrated Care Learning Community.  Brad has been invited to present at conferences for The Michigan Association of CMH Boards,  The Collaborative Family Healthcare Association, The Mental Health Corp. of America and the National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare.

Brad is a member of The Board of Trustees of The Judson Center, a comprehensive, multi-faceted, community based human service provider in Royal Oak, MI, catering to the challenges facing children, families, and adults with developmental disabilities across six counties in southeastern Michigan. Brad is also active as a fund raiser for The Make a Wish Foundation of Michigan. 


SteinMark B. Stein, President PMP Group, L.L.C.
"My Personal Life Vision is of a world where all people fully express their divine purpose and experience the true Being of others."
Mark Stein created a successful Food Service Management Business in Southeast Michigan where the challenge was to inspire others to be committed to excellence.  Toward this end, Mark participated in and studied with some of the leading experts in the area of Personal and Team Development.  After more than a decade and completing numerous programs and curriculum in the field of Ontological Learning, Mr. Stein joined the PMP team as the person accountable for the competency and effectiveness of the programs and the team members.

High Impact Learning...learning that makes a dramatic impact in the real world.  The heart of high impact learning at PMP is our commitment to our client-partners to provide value that dramatically exceeds their investment.  We promise to create breakthroughs that can be measured in results like revenues, productivity and profits.
Our programs are comprehensive in nature, we deliver value to each individual in client organizations by combining Team building Strategic Planning Personal Development Leadership Development Management Training into one process; facilitating the development of a personal growth culture.
A frequently heard complaint about consulting/training is that people return from training programs with new concepts and, when faced with on-the-job pressure, revert to old behaviors.  PMP's comprehensive approach, backed by our promise for results, guarantees sustainable change and unprecedented results. 
We employ two distinct disciplines and a variety of tools in our work: 

  1. Breakthrough workshops
  2. Personal coaching

Breakthrough Workshops provide an opportunity to create new ways of looking at reality; not merely information gathering, but a process of discovery.  Clients emerge:

  1. Seeing themselves and their organization from the vantage points of their peers, employees and customers, giving them the understanding needed to make desired changes.
  2. With a clear and conscious commitment to a future that they find personally compelling; this personal commitment is linked to the purpose of the organization increasing the power of the team.

People emerge from our breakthrough workshops highly energized with a renewed commitment to expanding personal boundaries.  Human nature however, is such that much of this energy and enthusiasm is short lived without significant ongoing support (see personal coaching and e-coaching).  
Personal Coaching provides periodic, regular access to a PMP Coach to work through the challenges of employing new thinking in the real world.  People in our programs find that they must operate in new, sometimes uncomfortable ways, "outside of the box", developing new capabilities to achieve the future they are committed to.  The PMP coach, a former business owner or corporate executive trained in applying our technology in the real world, is the clients' personal guide through this process.


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"The future belongs to those who can learn; those who think they know will only be masters of the memory."

Mark Stein

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